Call for posters

9th European Beer and Health Symposium - 24th of September, Brussels

During the lunch break, there will be a Poster Session where scientists have the opportunity to present their research related to alcohol and health.

Submission criteria

Would you like to participate in the Poster Session? Please make sure that the study meets the following criteria before submitting the abstract/poster:

  • Focus on moderate alcohol, beer or non-alcoholic beer consumption
  • Topic should be health related

Unfortunately, research with the following features will not be accepted:

  • Animal and cell studies,
  • Focus only on alcohol abuse/dependence,
  • Under-age drinking
  • Drinking alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Drinking alcohol and driving

Note: scientists from all over the world are welcome to participate. However, travel and accommodation expenses will not be compensated for, except for the winner of the poster session.


Deadline for abstract (max 300 words) submission is Thursday August 15.

The poster itself should be submitted before Sunday September 1.


After the final deadline, the Organizing Committee of the Beer & Health Symposium will judge the submissions and select a winner based on both the abstract and poster. The winner will be invited to present during the plenary session and will receive €500,- plus travel and accommodation expenses.

Poster submission

Would you like to participate? Please fill out the information below.

For questions, please e-mail to:

Please fill out the following information:

Personal details

I have presented this poster before

If you do not have a poster yet, you can submit the poster in a later stadium before the 1st of September. After submission of your abstract we will let you know ASAP whether the topic fits within our submission criteria. If so, we will invite you to submit a poster via email.

I would also like to register to attend the Symposium

Registration is free, but mandatory when attending the symposium.

You must be of the legal drinking age in your country to visit this site.

I am of the legal drinking age in my country

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