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9th European Beer and Health Symposium - 24th of September, Brussels


Dr. Emilia Ruggiero, IRCCS Neuromed, Italy,
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with reduced low-grade inflammation: results from the Moli-sani Study

Dr. Kai O. Hensel, Helios Universtiy Hospital Wuppertal, Germany,
Grape or grain but never the twain? – a randomized controlled multi-arm matched-triplet crossover trial of beer and wine

Dr. Isabel Moreno , Universidad de Málaga, Spain,
Beer consumption, gut microbiota and metabolic syndrome, preliminary results of a clinical trial on beer consumption

Dr. Marina Ruxandra Otelea, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Romania,
Acute effect of beer on several hemostasis and fibrinolysis markers,

Dr. Ann Stokes, Drinkaware,
Defining Irish alcohol consumption by behaviours and attitudes and profiling hazardous drinkers

Dr. Carmen Taberno, University of Salamanca, Spain,
Do peers help us protect ourselves from the adverse effects of alcohol or motivate us to consume? Moderation variables for alcohol consumption

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