8th European Beer and Health Symposium

Andrew Curry

Beer on Our Minds: The Alcohol, Brewing and the Roots of Civilization

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Helena Conibear

Recent evolutions in drinking guidelines across the world: the facts and drivers of these decisions

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Prof. María José González Muñoz

Effects of nonalcoholic beer, silicon and hops in brain damage caused by aluminum intake

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Prof. Demosthenes Panagiotakos

Moderate consumption of beer and its effect on cardiometabolic risk

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Prof. Kjeld Hermansen

Beer, alcohol and type 2 diabetes

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Dr. Luc Djoussé

Different Concepts in Alcohol Research: Are the Observed Protective Health Effects of Moderate Beer Consumption Still Valid?

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Prof. Dr. Ronald J. Maughan

Is beer an appropriate drink for rehydration?

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Prof. De Gaetano

Does beer consumption have a place in a healthy lifestyle?

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