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Whilst the risks associated with harmful alcohol consumption are well-documented, the impact of moderate beer consumption on health deserves a deeper analysis. This website and its publications strives to achieve  this by screening the entire alcohol-related scientific literature, with a focus on the effects of moderate consumption of alcohol in general and beer in particular.

 Beer and Health aims at:

  • Developing a platform on the impact of moderate beer consumption on health through information that is scientifically sound whilst comprehensible, prepared and validated by alcohol research experts;
  • Offering an up-to-date scientific database that includes all relevant research on moderate alcohol and beer consumption in relation to health
  • Broadening the network of scientists and research experts working in the field of moderate beer consumption and health, among others by organising the European Beer and Health Symposium every two or three years.

The publications of Beer and Health are thoroughly reviewed and endorsed by the members of the Scientific Committee: six outstanding and reputed experts in alcohol research. The work and daily management are processed by the Technical and Scientific Secretariat. The Beer and Health initiative is supported financially by The Brewers of Europe.

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