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Birrainforma is a web platform that aims to be a point of reference for all those who are interested in learning more about beer as a good and natural drink, with a low alcohol content, with nutritional characteristics useful to the body and compatible, if drunk with moderation, with a healthy lifestyle. The contents are updated every month and cover topics such as history, culture, taste, health and responsible consumption. The editorial staff is entrusted to a Food & Health writer who makes use of the collaboration of expert scientists for issues related to the relationships between beer and health that are of central importance. The realization of Birrainforma, whose management is autonomous, is made possible thanks to the external support of Assobirra


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Centro de Información Cerveza y Salud

The Beer and Health Information Centre (Centro de Información Cerveza y Salud) is an organization focused on the sharing of scientific knowledge and information, and which promotes research on the effects of moderate beer consumption in healthy adults, in collaboration with various universities and research centres.




Centrul de Studii despre Bere, Sănătate și Nutriție.

Established in 2012, the Center of Studies on Beer, Health and Nutrition aims to provide to the academic and medical communities scientifically-based information on the effects of moderate beer consumption. To achieve its stated goal, it carries out annual scientific studies by awarding research grants. So far, four studies have been finalized with relevant findings related to the benefits of moderate beer consumption. The Romanian researchers have shown that moderate consumption of beer may have a positive effect on memory, it may diminish the symptoms associated with menopause and that beer has an antioxidant effect. Also, the Romania researchers proved once again that the moderate consumption of beer it’s not related to the so called “beer-belly”.


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