Programme and presentations

6th Beer and Health Symposium


09:30 Opening by Chairman
Professor Kok (Netherlands)

SESSION 1: Consumer perceptions

09:35 – “Consumers’ myths on beer”Presentation
Professor Kok (Netherlands)

09:45 – Opening address: The Mediterranean diet as intangible cultural heritage (UNESCO): role of fermented drinks
Prof. Serra-Majem (Spain)

10:00  The Beer StoryPresentation
Dr. Philliskirk (UK)

10:20 – Panel discussion


SESSION 2: Health benefits

11:15 – Does beer play a sole role in alcohol and health symphony?Presentation
Dr. Iacoviello (Italy)

11:40 – Why moderate beer consumption is beneficial for cardiovascular healthPresentation
Dr. Hendriks (Netherlands)

12:05 – Is beer consumption responsible for the beer belly?Presentation
Prof. Astrup (Denmark)

12:30 – Silicon, ethanol and connective tissue health: a case for moderate beer consumptionPresentation
Prof. Powell (UK)

12:55 – Panel discussion & chairman’s comments on the morning session

13:15 – LUNCH
SESSION 3: Social wellbeing

14:30 – Anthropology of drinking: Can social sciences help understanding excessive consumption of certain types of alcoholic drinks?
Presentation in french with translation
Prof. Nahoum-Grappe (France)

14:55 – Beer and other alcoholic beverages: the possible role in cognitive declinePresentation
Dr. Solfrizzi (Italy)

15:20 – Beer after exercise: Yes or no?Presentation
Prof. Castillo (Spain)

15:45 – Non-alcoholic beer: a good drink for lactating mothers
Dr. Hernández Aguilar (Spain)

16:05 – Panel discussion & chairman’s closing comments

16:30 – Reception

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