9th European Beer and Health Symposium

Beer in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle

Brussels – 24 September 2019

9th European Beer and Health Symposium
24th September 2019, Brussels

Do you want to find out and discuss the latest insights regarding the health effects of moderate alcohol/beer consumption? Registration for the 9th European Beer and Health Symposium is now open! The symposium will take place on Tuesday the 24th of September 2019 in the heart of Brussels.

Latest updates

Confirmed speaker – Dr. Alex Berezow: beer, alcohol and health in perspective

There is a lot of false information going around on the internet and in the media about nutrition and health. This is definitely also the case for alcohol. What can we still believe? Dr. Alex Berezow is a professional science writer and Vice President of Scientific Affairs for the American Council on Science and Health: a consumer advocacy non-profit whose mission is to promote evidence-based science and debunk junk. He will tell us more about this during the Beer and Health Symposium, and will put the topic of beer, alcohol and health into perspective. 

Confirmed speaker – Prof. Jäger: alcohol-free beer as alternative sports drink?

Can alcohol-free beer be used as an alternative sports drink? Prof. Alexander Jäger is an expert on this topic and will be speaking at the Beer and Health Symposium. He is not only a professor in Microbiology, Bioenergy and Brewing Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, but also double Austrian State Champion in the Marathon in his age group, and "father" of 4 craft beer breweries. 

Confirmed speaker – Dr. Patrycja Kupnicka: what kind of nutrients are in beer?

Beer is made of water, malted cereals, hops and yeast. But what do these ingredients contribute to the micronutrients, minerals and polyphenols content in beer? And is this different for non-alcoholic beer? Dr. Patrycja Kupnicka from Pomeranian Medical University, Poland, did interesting research in this area and will share her knowledge during the Beer and Health Symposium.

Practical information

The European Beer and Health Symposium will take place on 24th September 2019 in the beautiful and historic Palais des Académies, in the heart of Brussels.


Rue Ducale 1,  1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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