Marta Trius-Soler wins the Beer and Health Publication Award 2021 with her publication on the effect of moderate beer consumption on menopausal symptoms. This is the second year on a row the Beer and Health Publication Award is awarded to the lead author of the best, most remarkable study focusing on moderate beer or alcohol consumption. Trius-Soler wins a monetary prize of 1,000 euro and may present her research findings during the next Beer and Health symposium in 2023.

Important study
Some Scientific Committee members of the Beer and Health Initiative reviewed all applications, and they were impressed by the research entitled Moderate Consumption of Beer (with and without Ethanol) and Menopausal Symptoms: Results from a Parallel Clinical Trial in Postmenopausal Women. The jury stated: “Even though the sample is quite small, with a population that grows older, the importance of the study is high. In addition, the design of the study and the data analysis is outstanding.”

Interview with Marta TriusSoler

Beer and Menopause
“We know that menopause is a challenging period for a lot of women. And we know beer has some interesting bioactive compounds. Therefore, we tried to understand if daily moderate consumption can have an effect on menopausal symptoms, cardiovascular risk factors and female sex hormones. We saw that after drinking half a year of daily one glass of beer or two glasses of non-alcoholic beer menopausal symptoms decreased. And non-alcoholic beer had a positive effect on lipid profile and blood pressure.” 

First to investigate
“We couldn’t find a similar article that investigated the effect of beer on menopausal symptoms. There are articles about the effect of beer on bone tissue and cardiovascular risk factors and on other products with phytoestrogenic compounds like soy products, flaxseeds and red clover on menopausal symptoms. But as far as we know this is the first intervention study to combine both beer and menopause.” 

Future research
“Our findings are premature. We only have conclusions about the early years of postmenopause stage and only with mild menopause symptoms. We are not planning to extend this study, but we are now looking at the data of the same group of women after two years of consumption on the markers of bone formation and resorption, body composition and cardiovascular risk factors.”

Research on women and beer
“I’m just starting my scientific career, but I would really like to do more research on women’s health. Sometimes they don’t want to be medicalized, sometimes they are over-medicalized. We need more research in women. Also, beer is an interesting complex food. Of course, alcohol is a controversy topic and it’s not always easy to do an intervention study. We know that for some populations it’s better not to drink but I would like to find population groups with which to do some interesting research and enjoy the benefits of beer consumption .”

Selection process Award
The Technical Secretariat of the Beer and Health Initiative made a pre-selection based on the application criteria. The studies that fulfilled all criteria were further reviewed by two members of the Scientific Committee based on the originality of research question; quality of study design, conclusion/discussion, and writing; and on the contribution to the scientific understanding of the effect of moderate beer/alcohol consumption on health.

Next Publication Award
This was the second Beer and Health Publication Award. The Beer and Health Initiative hopes to be able to offer it again next year.

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