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Prof Emeritus Frans J. Kok

Over centuries beer is enjoyed by many people all over the globe. A prerequisite in drinking beer is consumption in moderation and abstainment under specific circumstances.

The constituent alcohol behaves like a double sword, associated with health benefits but also risks.
We need to keep in mind that although responsible drinking may be beneficial against chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes , you don’t need to start drinking for your health. There are others ways to keep your body fit.

The beer-health initiative is important because it may help health professionals and individual consumers to find the right balance in enjoying drinking. This guidance is not only useful for healthy individuals but also for those with a chronic disorder who like to know whether a drink would fit in their lifestyle.

As the chairman of the board of the Dutch Beer Institute, I feel it as a responsibility to provide the facts about sensible beer drinking to those who like to be informed about the current state of knowledge.

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