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Today, the European Beer and Health Scientific Committee is proud to announce the release of the «Beer and Health: Moderate consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle» booklet . The publication presents the results of an extensive review of scientific literature on moderate beer and alcohol consumption and its impact on health. It describes both the overall health impact as well as the link between moderate beer consumption and specific diseases or health conditions, also taking into account the characteristics of different consumers. The main conclusion is that beer can be part of a healthy lifestyle for healthy adult consumers who drink in moderation, taking into account that for some groups and in some circumstances, such as when driving or pregnant or breast-feeding women , it is better not to drink any alcoholic beverages at all.

While moderate alcohol consumption should always be considered as an add-on and not as an alternative to other healthy lifestyle choices, our review demonstrates the risk-reducing effects observed on cardiovascular diseases and on type-2 diabetes. Looking at all-cause mortality, the existence of a J-shaped curve, implies that healthy moderate drinkers may have decreased overall risk compared to abstainers and those who consume at harmful level. The observed risk-reducing effects of moderate beer consumption, as science suggests, are mainly the result of the alcohol in beer and to a minor extent some beer-specific elements might also contribute.

This publication is not a drinking guideline, but a digest of what science says on the matter to date. The information will be regularly updated to keep up with the science base. Therefore, we also launch today the revamped  website, where all science-based information on the effects of moderate beer consumption on health has been made available.

Beer and Health offers a platform health professionals and anyone interested in beer to find regularly updated information on the impact of moderate beer consumption on health that is science-based and easy to understand. The information in the booklet and on the website are endorsed by a Scientific Committee composed of leading, independent and recognised alcohol research academics. The Dutch Beer Institute is in charge of the Scientific and Technical Secretariat.

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Note to Editors:

The «Beer and Health: Moderate consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle » booklet is an extensive review of the scientific literature on moderate beer and alcohol consumption and its impact on health. It gives a view at diseases in isolation but also at the global picture of all-cause mortality, making up the balance.

Members of the Scientific Committee of the Beer and Health booklet, include:

  • Prof Ramon Estruch, President
  • Dr Henk Hendriks, Spokesperson
  • Prof Arne Astrup
  • Prof Emeritus Frans Kok
  • Prof Ascencion Marcos
  • Dr Vincenzo Solfrizzi
  • Dr Corina-Aurelia Zugravu
  • For more information on Beer & Health, please contact The Dutch Beer Institute at

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