grantsThe Dutch Beer Institute offers a grant of € 5,000 for the study of responsible alcohol/beer consumption in a healthy lifestyle. The project should focus on biomedical, nutritional or (psycho-)social aspects of responsible alcohol consumption, specifically taking into account (non-alcoholic) beer. Young researchers in Europe are invited to apply. Initial application deadline is 1 November 2016

Who can apply?
Applications are welcomed from students / PhD students / Postdocs registered at a university of applied sciences / university in Europe in biological, nutritional, clinical medicine, social, behavioural or business studies.

Timeframe and selection process

  • Initial application

From 15 September to 1 November 2016 an initial application can be submitted. The initial application is a short but realistic, motivated and clear description of the research idea + methodology (maximum of one A4).

  • Extensive application

From all eligible initial applications submitted, the scientific board members of The Dutch Beer Institute will select three outstanding submissions. Those three applicants will be informed on the 8th of November 2016. They are requested to fill out an extensive application before the 10th of December 2016 that will be judged by three members of the Scientific Committee of the Beer and Health Initiative ( to select the best research proposal.

  • Award timeframe

The grant is made available in January 2017. The project, either new or currently ongoing, should be completed within 2 years from the date of the award. Preferably a manuscript will be written and submitted to a scientific journal. Otherwise, The Dutch Beer Institute wants to receive a final report in English to be able to communicate about the research findings.

Initial applications will be judged based on the following criteria*:

  • The contribution of the work to the advancement of knowledge in the field of beer in a healthy lifestyle and its practical implications.
  • Qualifications of the applicant and experience in the proposed area of research and with the proposed methodology.
  • The description of the work and the methodology quality of the research plan.

More information about submission and application form can be found on the website of The Dutch Beer Institute.

*No award will be made in case of insufficient applications and/or if proposals are not suitable.

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