Beer, wine, and spirits and type 2 diabetes risk

It was already known that alcohol decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes. For the first time researchers investigated the effect of specific beverages on type 2 diabetes risk. Wine decreases the risk significantly, but it seems that also beer and spirits have beneficial effects. The meta-analysis is published in the scientific journal Journal of Diabetes Investigation. Read more

A beer after mental stress?

Dutch researchers conclude that moderate beer consumption shortly after a mental stress test attenuates the physical stress response. This was published in the scientific journal Alcohol. Read more

Save the date: 8th European Beer and Health Symposium 20 April 2017 in Brussels

I am pleased and honoured to invite you to the 8th European Beer and Health Symposium that will be held on the 20th of April 2017 in Brussels. The Symposium will look at moderate beer consumption’s place in a healthy lifestyle and at how drinking guidelines reflect the evidence base. The Organising Committee I have the privilege of chairing is working to the development of a comprehensive programme that will offer you an overview of the most recent and interesting research on the matter that will fuel fruitful discussions. Read more

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